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Canarias Ahora Radio

Canarias Ahora Radio is a Spanish language musical channel which is based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Specifically the channel deals with the Spanish music on the whole level; you can get some of the fines Spanish musical collection on the radio channel. All time hits, popular and leading star’s songs are played by the channel all the day. Besides the songs the radio channel add some of other things related to musical world in the programming content of the channel to provide more about the Spanish music.

Canarias Ahora Radio en Directo

Here you get to know more about the Spanish music history and the interviews and biographies of local and national singers as well. Now you can get all of this entertainment online via live streaming around the world. Listen Live Streaming free On your website of the channel and enjoy the taste of music every where you are living in the world. keep listening and enjoying.

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