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East Coast Radio which is also known as ECR is a popular FM Station which is based in Durban South Africa. This is a commercial station which has audience more then 32 million inside and out side the country. This is the second biggest regional station in South Africa. Now you can listen its live transmission on an Internet from this website. It s on air 24/7 hrs and telecasting free entertainment programs for you. It started its live service on 1 May 1967. East Coast is on air on frequency 94.0.

Genres is Top 40-Pop

language : English

Contact Number : 031 570 9442





  1. hi guys what music you giving my ears good melody. i alway tunne the station i love your music .sam at bethal in mpumalanga.

  2. Goodday<

    Me and my husband fell in love with East Coast Radio whilst on holiday this past week. Thank you for making our travels most enjoyable with your excellent music.
    There was one song that really topped it all…….."In my city" by Priyanka Chopra and Will I am.

    It would really be awesome if you could play it again, as we are listening to you on live streaming and this FM ROCKS PEEPS!

  3. I live in Stanger and I’m having a problem listening to ecr on streaming on my iPad , can you do something about it please !!!

  4. I feel eastcoast radio should play more of a variety of songs – the repetitions of music everyday makes it most monotonous and its the reason my children refuse to listen to this radio station as well as many other youngsters I know – And there should be programmes dedicated to helping listeners live a better life by having talk shows which includes listners participation in topics that would actuAlly make a difference to all of our lives -Morals and values and respect makes all the difference to our lives and what better way to teach this than through radio

  5. > Sorry to be contacted in this way, but since I live in Europe, this is the only way.
    > I ask for only a few minutes of your precious time.
    > I’ve been several times in the beautiful South Africa and fascinated by her beauty I made a song is protected under the “SOUTH AFRICA”.
    > The song is a patriotic, national, and the most beautiful cultural and tourist promotion of South Africa.
    > I am convinced that this song was perfect as a promotional song of your organization.So, once again I ask attention for a few minutes to listen to a song, so if you give me the signal, I’ll send you a demo via email.
    > Thank in advance and best regards,
    > Velibor Obradovic

  6. Listening from bright sunny Devon in the South West of England where strangely enough we’re dying from the heat…!

  7. hi guys
    im just at work listening to ecr online… awesome music guys
    just want to wish my niece a very happy 8th birthday (kiara)
    toay is a blessing that will never come again…. enjoy love Jenal.

    enjoy ur evening guys


  9. hey guys im in the eastern cape, PE but I am from Durban, n when I miss home I just tune in to listen to u guys online…love you all!!

  10. Hi ECR DJ’s just to let you know about the Margate Razzle Rock Music Festival taking place 31 August 2013 at the Village Tavern in Margate, from 14h00 to 02h00 am the following morning. Festival to host 11 bands… Due South, Braxton Hicks, Breaking the Silence and much more. Tickets only R100-00. Each band to perform live on stage for 50 – 60 minutes. So shout-out to all EastCoasters to head down to Margate 31 August to rock! Feel free to visit facebook – look up the Village Tavern to view more about the Festival. ( I am soooooo excited ‘cos Breaking the Silence (from Richards Bay) will be on stage at 18h00 (band includes extremely talented high school kids, including my son Ryan Botha). Please send a shout out to Breaking the Silence to wish them an AWESOME experience and all the best for the Rock Fest! thx xoxoKaren

  11. I’m enjoying your music……ur shows make me feel better, Keep it up the good work guys from EAST LONDON

  12. I have only today discovered East Coast on the net. Blame my age. Thanks to all at EC. I, alas, have been in the Free State for the last year and have missed this station sorely.
    They only have Radio Jacaranda here. Mind you, I think there are very few English speaking folk in this neck of the woods.
    Keep up the happiness.

  13. Listening all the way from lil ole Mississippi. Still trying to stay awake long enough to catch Darren and the Breakfast Stack…..man, i miss their show! It’s so hot, it feels like we separated from hell by barbwire……lol. I’ll never forget those little “it’s so HOT” phrases :-D!

  14. I’m tuned in here in Hsin Chu, Taiwan. We’re six hours ahead of ecr, so have just had lunch. We are recovering from a tropical storm which passed by yesterday and dumped quite a lot of water on the central and southern parts. Even here, in Hsin Chu, there was heavy rain. It’s clearing now and he humidity is climbing…

  15. Hello from Rizhao, China. Thank you for the awsome music. Nothing like having a little bit of KZN in China. Has made me feel very homesick tho. Keep it up.

  16. Great music and I know my family and friends back home are also listening ECR you rock from Barwa City Qatar

  17. Hi Guys,
    thanks for that good music.
    Germany , Oberkirch/Baden +5° sunny.
    Pretoria , +25° sunny. I wish to be there.

    But at least S.A. is in the radio 🙂

  18. Corruption is an African Culture permiating from Central African and festerring predominantly in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately they didn’t teach Ethics as they knew ‘Dis fing Effics” dont bring in da Money

  19. Been living in Potchefstroom for 3yrs, but will always be a Durban girl at heart. Thanx East Coast, always reminding me where my roots are. 🙂

  20. Hi,

    My name is Deshni I am currently residing in UK ….. Love listening to ECR online its my home away from home …..

    Pls advise how can I send requests to my family in SA on your Birthday slot.



  21. east coast radio Rocks like Umhlanga Rocks damn i feel like i’m standing on a Rock, myt as well call me The Rock… Charles in Durzb

  22. Damin you are a beatifull person you uplift most peoples lives when you on air. from 10years old to even the 70’s love to hear your voice.


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