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by on August 3, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Hindvani Radio Durban South Africa

Welcome to Hindvani , Its mean “voice of Hindi”, It is one of the famous radio station which is broadcasting on frequency 91.5 FM from Duran and covering surrounding areas of  the country. Here you can listen its live streaming which is broadcasting from South Africa Durban.

Its mission is to promote Hindi language and culture as well as serving the community. Its genres is Bollywood currently playing old and latest Hindi music of every type.

 Phone:+2731 401 0044

Please wait for some seconds, stream will load automatically in the player…

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  • rashika


    hi.i need troubleshooting with audiostreaming.can get lotus fm but not hindvani.please help

  • Dinesh Kandhai


    Audio streaming worked well last week ,but not not on the 12 Oct Sat.I missed out on the Chutney programe.

  • roshansewpershad


    really enjoying my home music.

    keep it up.

    new zealand

  • Deresh


    Unable to go live stream audio.omputer say server not found Other station working . Please help

  • fatima


    First time listener.

  • uhiesookamdev@gmail.com


    please could you set this up on radio…the website is down on the most important day of the year “song of the year”

    • haris


      It is currently working now

  • hamesh nirmul


    it seems hindvani audio stream doest work anymore?

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