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Radio Jacaranda Afrikaans Listen Online

 Jacaranda Afrikaans is a local music radio station. It is broadcasted in Johannesburg, South Africa. It broadcasts its all programs in English language. It covers the news relevant to every aspect of life. It offers weather news and all local and global news. It keeps their listeners informed with its variety of colorful and informative shows.

Different type of educational information is also broadcasted from here. It is specially broadcasted for the youth audience. It is a very popular in South Africa and a leading station between the viewers.

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  1. I’ve been working in Pretoria 6 months and loved listening to radio J.
    My work is now in KZN and EC and I don’t understand why I can’t access this station in the rest of SA?

    Very disappointing; I’m ‘twee taalig eintlik’ but really miss morning breakfast show when on my way to work. A wonderful start to my day.

    This is the day & age of modern techno so why the limited coms & is there anything that can be done about it??

    Please enlighten me?

    Many thanks


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