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Mix 93.8 FM Online Johannesburg

Mix 93.8 FM a very famous radio station which is broadcasting from South Africa. It is  Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock format. It is on air on 93.8 frequency only. You can listen any time high quality transmission. The channel is broadcasting in English language and its headquarter is located in Johannesburg.

Now it broadcasts seven days a week and 24 hours a day. In a very short span of time it becomes popular in All African community. It focus on National and International News, Current Affairs programs, Business News and many more.



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  1. Hi

    As part of your 67 minutes for Mandela Day, we would liked to know if we could contribute by painting Welcomes home in Dieplsloot?

    Let me know?


  2. I have been listening to your radio station in my car and I cannot begin to tell you how much you guys rock!
    Today 4th Aug 2012 between 15.00 h and 16.00 h two ladies presented I think… i think the one lady was called Chelsea? Well i loved ever single song you played.
    Is it at all possible to send me a email listing all those songs that you played between those hours>

    I would appreciate it!
    When are you people going to stream the names of the songs along with the station?
    Would help us to write down the wonderful songs you play>

    You have brought back many good memories!

    Thanks MIX FM


    My name is Adam and I am a learner at Sagewood. I am currently in Grade 12 and an avid cricket player. Would it be possible to ask 93.8fm to broadcast for a sponsor for a cricket tour for me please. The tour takes place on 23rd September 2013 and the amount needed is R 3000.00. My mom is a single parent and cannot sponsor the tour.

  4. I accidentally found the radio station and am so delighted to hear Darren is back on the radio and what an awesome station. Sadly I live in Pretoria and cant get it clearly here but listen as soon as I get a chance. Great station, tx.

  5. i listen to mix fm during the day, as i work in Sandton, unfortunately i live on the east rand (brakpan) and unable to receive a signal once i am home.

  6. As I stated previously, I live on the East Rand an I am unable to receive a signal once I have left Sandton, where ian employed.


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